Here is an outline of how the process works and what to expect. The process takes anywhere from 2-4 months from start to finish.

Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

1.  Makeover Plan.  You completed your Makeover Plan, loved your designer, and are ready to put the plan in her hands!

2.  Overhaul Intro Call.  We'll schedule a meeting or call where we discuss the terms, send you the contract, and inform you that payment is broken into three parts.  The first part is due with the signed contract in order to start the process.

3.  Your Designer Reaches Out.  I'll get in touch with you to ensure that you love all the items on the initial list.  If there are items that you are unsure of, I will source options and an additional phone call may be scheduled.

4.  Your Spreadsheet.  Once you have approved all the items needed for your space, I'll create a spreadsheet for final review.  On it, each item will be listed with its price, our designer discount (where applicable), and its status.

You will carefully review the spreadsheet to ensure it is comprehensive and all the items are correct. 

5.  Ordering.  Once I get the approval from you that all the items on the spreadsheet are a go, we'll coordinate payment. 

I will be ordering EVERYTHING in one day.  This assures that all the items arrive at roughly the same time and that nothing goes out of stock.

As the order confirmations/shipping confirmations arrive in our inbox, I will forward them to you.

6.  Discounts.  I get discounts of up to 30% at many (but not all) stores.  These discounts will be shown on the spreadsheet (see #4).  I pass our design discounts on to you with no mark-ups.

7.  Deliveries.  You are responsible for arranging the deliveries.  On the order forms, we will be putting your phone number as the contact person for all of the deliveries. This is to ensure you receive the shipments at your home at a time that is convenient for you.

(If you are in an apartment building, you will schedule with your super and/or doorman--typically only the very large items require notice.  Please also check to see if your building requires a COI for large items.)

If you are living in the space while the items are arriving, it can feel chaotic and uncomfortable.  Things tend to arrive over a two-week period and your space will fill with boxes.  Try to put them all in one area so that nothing gets lost.  Open the boxes to inspect the items and ensure that nothing is broken/damaged.  If something is broken/damaged, notify your designer at once so that she can contact the vendor and arrange for a replacement without impacting the time line.

Do NOT remove the items from the box and do NOT dispose of the packaging.  We will do that during the install.  There are small parts and instructions that can be easily lost.  So leave all the packaging in tact.

8.  Install Prep.  Prior to the first install day, please ensure you have done all of the below:

  • Make sure that the space is clean.  We don’t want to put fresh items like rugs and upholstery on top of a dirty space.  So please ensure that the space is in nice, workable condition.
  • Remove all items that are not going to be used in the new design.  We need to have room to layout the new pieces.  We don’t move furniture out of your space.  Please be rid of those items prior to the install day so that we have room to work.
  • If you are in an apartment building, please ensure that we have access to the space on the morning of.  Notify the building that we will be coming.  Let us know your building’s restrictions:
    • What are the hours we can work there?
    • How should we dispose of trash?
    • Do we need to breakdown the boxes?
  • Please have these items ready for us:
    • step stool and/or ladder
    • your Wi-Fi name/password so we can follow up on any item issues with vendors
    • your con tact info for the install day (best email and phone number) in case questions arise

9.  Install Days.  Once nearly all of the items have arrived, I will return with our handyman/handymen to put the space together.  We generally work full days from 9/10am-4/6pm.  We will be making some noise:  assembling, hanging pictures and window treatments, moving furniture, laying rugs, making design magic happen!

You are welcome to be there but not required.  Generally, spaces take between 1-4 days to complete depending on size and how many items need to be assembled.

Your second payment is due on the first install day.  

10.  After the Install.  Even after the last install day, there are always a couple of loose ends:  a vendor needs to replace a damaged item, a piece is on backorder and coming late, a few more pieces are needed to complete the look, etc. 

We'll work diligently to wrap up these loose ends, but it may take a little time.  You will not pay the third payment until everything is wrapped up.

11.  Reimbursements.  Over the course of the install, there may be some incidentals that we need to purchase like light bulbs or specific hardware.  We will submit those receipts to you at the end of the project for reimbursement.

12.  Voila!  Your space is finished and feels like home!  You tell your designer that you are set, pay your final invoice, and enjoy your lovely space!

What the Overhaul Does NOT Cover:

  • renovations
  • painting (we recommend the colors but don’t do the actual application)
  • removing pieces you no longer need/want.  Prior to the install, you are responsible for getting rid of furniture that won't be used.
  • work at higher heights than 10’.  If you have windows or other areas that require a higher height than that, we cannot be responsible for that due to our insurance restrictions.
  • assembly of Ikea.  Ikea has horrible customer service and their items frequently come damaged or missing parts.  It takes a lot of extra time to deal with these issues.  You can use Ikea’s assembly service or we can assemble these items for an additional charge.  Contact us for an estimate.
  • installation of more than 2 hardwired light fixtures.  Each additional fixture after the 2 that are included is $75.
  • mounting of TVs.  We can mount a TV an additional charge.  Contact our admin team for an estimate.