Finishing Touches

Let's add those last few details to bring your home to LIFE!


Your House Call


I'll come to your home for 2 and:

  • identify your style sensibility --contemporary, traditional, rustic, beachy, etc.
  • determines artwork placement and window treatments.
  • makes a list of specific accessories needed for the design.

Shopping List & vision board

Back at the office, I'll shop for the pieces on your list.  All the items will fit within your budget. 

The, I'll also create a custom vision board to help you visualize the transformation.




Setup + Install

After finding all the perfect pieces for your home, we'll schedule a day for setup + installation. 

Depending on the amount of Finishing Touches your home needs, we can complete everything in as little at 2 hours!



Your home's design plan is complete!

Make sure to enjoy + live your best life in your newly restyled home!