Event Design


Would you like to have an event that Wows your guests?

Have you pinned Your heart away on Pinterest, but you're still at a loss as to where to start?

The decor at an event is the first impression for your guests as they walk in. It sets the tone of your entire event. It creates the atmosphere for the duration of the event and leaves lasting memories well after the event.

Imagine walking into a wedding with harsh fluorescent lighting, plain white tablecloths, no centerpieces and a few balloons + streamers scantily strewn about. Sad, right?

Now, imagine walking into a wedding with low, romantic lighting accented by professional purple lights strategically placed throughout the venue. Each table is draped in dazzling sequined tablecloths, topped with luscious floral arrangement centerpieces. 

Which impression do you want to leave on your guests?

Aria Couture Design offers a multitude of Event Design Services that will help you with the following:

  • Creating a flawless event with absolutely no hassle
  • Creating a cohesive plan that brings all of your Pinterest ideas together
  • Avoid renting or buying items all over town (then having to return them in time)
  • Avoid the inconvenience of setting up + taking down your event decor

With all the time, energy, and investment on your part, let’s make sure every detail is executed FLAWLESSLY.

Leave the details and management to me and I'll ensure no piece will be left undone. Rest assured in knowing that you, your friends and family can show up and focus on what is most important… YOU!

My creativity, expertise, and professionalism as an interior designer transfers very easily to providing event design services. I utilize most of the same design principles that we use with our interior design projects - spatial layout, color concepts, functionality, style, decor and accessories, etc.

Ready to take the next step?