Event Planner vs Event Designer


What's the Difference? 

Event Planners and Event Designers are crucial to each events' success, as each serves a separate and unique purpose.  But, what does each pro do, exactly? Do I need these guys for my event?


Event Planner: The Organizer

Your planner will create an event that flows effortlessly. Your planner will establish a timeline and ensure everyone follows it. He or she will be the liaison between you and your vendors, and will also manage your budget. Your event planner focuses on the big picture by helping you keep everything organized!


Event Designer: The Finisher

Your Event Designer's purpose is to transform your space into a stunning display of aesthetic details and to bring the vision you have for your event to life. These pros will source your linens, flowers, and other decor details for your evebt in order to bring your design to life. Sometimes that means creating the details by hand! Your Event Designer focuses on the details of your big event to make everything look cohesive and visually stunning!

So, why should I hire an Event Planner or an Event Designer? 

Both planners and designers have the unique ability to cohesively collaborate with each other throughout your wedding planning process. Your planner can fill your designer in on your catering details and location requirements, while your designer can help your planner style and schedule your wedding perfectly leading up to and on the day of your event.

Sometimes you can find a Planner and Designer all in one. A planner who is also a designer will have the unique ability to fill the role of both professionals with the help of an assistant or two. The major benefit is you’re able to work with one professional who will truly know your likes, dislikes, and greatest wishes for your wedding day by heart. They’re pros at sourcing the best details, designing florals, creating event timelines, and styling each element to perfection. I cannot recommend planners who are also designers highly enough! 

If you're in need of an Event Planner or Event Designer, or if you just need a consultation or inspiration, contact us today!