7 Design Mistakes You're Probably Making

A few small tweaks to your space can make all the difference.

But if you make some few common mistakes, you can take your home from tranquil + relaxing to chaotic + unwelcoming.

See if you're making any of these common mistakes in your home. 


1. Not Enough Space Between Furniture

Need to do The Shuffle when getting to your sofa?

Are your knees banging against the coffee table?

You need to make room for walkways! Make sure you have 30-36 inches of space between furniture. Enough said.


2. Don't Back Your Furniture Against Walls

Speaking of spacing, don't back your furniture against walls! 

If your furniture layout calls for your an item (i.e., sofa, table, tv stand) against a wall, always leave a few inches of space between the furniture + the wall. Usually about 6 inches.

Of course, I'm not telling you to not ever place any furniture along the your walls, just give it some space. It looks better and it stops your paint from rubbing onto your furniture + vice versa.


3. Your Home Looks Like A Sepia or Black-And-White Photo

I know you may LOVE your neutrals. Trust me, I do, too!

But you have to break up those neutrals with a few pops of color. You can easily pop a few colors into your decor with some throw pillows, small decor accents or a piece of art.


4. Bad Lighting

Most homes come with a single, drab (and often boob light) located in the center of the ceiling of the room. Now, I have nothing against boob lights, but they just don't give off enough light. 

You should add layers of lighting by bringing in secondary lighting like sconces, table lamps + floor lamps.

5. Open Storage

Open storage = Open clutter

Every single home has clutter. (Unless you're freakishly neat.) But, every single home has some degree of clutter. and open storage makes sure that everyone sees that clutter.

Opt for storage solutions that hides your clutter. Get storage ottomans. If you have open shelving built into your laundry rooms or bathrooms, use bins + baskets to corral items where they can't be seen.


6. You have No Focal Point or Competing Focal Points

Find that one thing that you want people to take notice of when they enter a room. It should be something large  – something that makes a statement. Usually a TV or a Fireplace.

Work from there and build out and around it. Your room will look well thought out, organized and balanced. 

7. Stick to Your Budget

Don’t underestimate the importance of budgeting.

Don’t be too eager. Don’t buy too much. Don’t buy everything all at once. And don’t overspend.

Buy the best that you can afford today – not what you think you will be able to afford tomorrow. Make a budget and stick to it. You don’t have to have everything all at once. A well decorated space is one that is curated over time so it’s best to go slowly and build slowly.

Look through your home and see if you've made any of these mistakes.

If you have, don't worry! These are small, easy fixes!

Start with something small and work your way up. Start by getting your furniture off the walls, then add some pops of color, then move up from there!

Do you have design questions? Need advice from a pro?

I just may have an A to your Q! Leave a comment below or email me with your question.

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